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Katrinia L. McGuire
RMLO NMLS 240211
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105 Hunters Lane, Suite 106
Friendswood, TX 77546
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The Premier Residential Mortgage Loan Originators

If you have any questions concerning the home loan process, please contact your Premier Residential Mortgage Loan Originator who is on standby ready to assist you with your home mortgage needs.

My husband, Aaron and I met while he was buying a home. He patiently waited until the loan was closed before asking me on our first date. He wanted to me to stay focused on his loan before the fun began, I guess! He completely understands my passion for my work and how seriously I take my clients and their needs. Yes, I can keep late nights sometimes, but don’t worry too much about Aaron – he finds plenty to do keeping up with our 5 adult kids, 4 of them are married now and they have given us 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter!

Raising all these kids and having some of our own rough hurdles to overcome, has helped me focus on why homeownership is really the cornerstone of security for a family and how it helps them come together through thick and thin. A sense of belonging and safety, a place to develop those childhood memories that linger and foster independence. A haven of joy, peace and love that brings a family close together, even over the miles of separation as the kids move on into their own future.

This is why helping someone with a mortgage means so much more to me than a paycheck for my family – I envision my life and how owning a home has been so crucial for my own kids and I want that for each family I meet. Even as a single person, there is a sense of accomplishment & adventure in owning a home. What may the future hold, I wonder????

A little bit about me – Aaron and I love being outdoors and enjoy music, riding the Harley around by the beach and catching up with friends over a glass of wine and dancing or fellowshipping at our church. We hang out with our brothers and sisters quite a bit too. We all live fairly local, which makes for one of our biggest dilemma’s when it comes to family time – whose house are we going to meet at? I hope to one day make that a big dilemma for all my clients’ as well!

We offer home mortgage loans in the counties of Harris, Galveston, Brazoria, and Fort Bend servicing the cities of Clear Lake, Friendswood, League City, Pearland, Houston, Deer Park, Pasadena, Seabrook, Bacliff, Dickinson, La Porte, Galveston or really anywhere in Texas! I have done loans in El Paso, Dallas, Royce City, Austin, San Antonio – it don’t matter none to me!

Residential Mortgage Loan Originators

Originally I wanted to be a nurse; after all, isn’t that the dream of most little girls? I really wanted to help people and thought this would be the best way. I was first exposed to the mortgage industry as a clerk – working toward my nursing goal behind the scenes. I rapidly became enamored with how crucial the mortgage service industry is in the lives of people, helping them in a very surreal way – with their finances! Nursing slowly took a backseat as I realized the hands-on learning I was experiencing as a loan clerk could be put to immediate use in the lives of folks who desired to find a safe place for their family to call home.

I have now been a part of the mortgage lending industry for over 23 years. I do not regret my decision one bit. I moved from loan clerk to loan processor very quickly, surpassing all branch volume expectations and was recognized as Top Processing Supervisor.

Being so enthusiastic with lending; I began originating loans and endeavored in my personal production goals. I feel I have a unique passion for people and their desire for security and homeownership. You see for me, it doesn’t stop at simply the client buying a home. I look at the entire family financial picture, analyze their objectives and ensure that this new mortgage payment and all that comes with it will provide peace of mind & confidence for the future. Because in the end, a beautiful home is no fun on a Friday night if all you can do for dinner is eat PB&J while staring at the same television screen!

“It is really all about the client and their family. By removing myself from the equation, I am able to focus on their objectives; not merely for the home itself but for their overall financial goals. This is crucial if I hope to earn trust that deserves loyalty! It is more than just a house; it is their home and family’s very own place of security”.

This is how I developed a truism that I take deeply to heart - “It’s Your Home. It’s My Reputation. I CARE about Both!”

I am honored to say that my efforts & dedication to the right things have paid off. I was rated the top 1% of Mortgage Professionals in the State of Texas by Texas Monthly Magazine four years running – 2011, 12, 13, & now in 2014. I take this tribute seriously and am blessed by the recognition!

I am committed to providing my clients with the highest quality home loans combined with great interest rates and sensible closing costs. No matter where in Texas you desire to call home – be it Clear Lake, League City, Friendswood, Deer Park, Pasadena, Pearland or anywhere in this Great State – I am ready to help ease your concerns and provide you with the honest answers and education you need to make the best decision for your family!

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